Sagittarius A* – premier 5th Oct. 2017


‘Sagittarius A*’, for violin, ambisonics and live electronics will be premiered on the 5th October in an EAU concert at Sentralen, Oslo. ‘Sagittarius A*’ was commissioned by violinist Karin Hellqvist and she will be premiering the work over 24 speakers in the Marmorselen, Sentralen, Oslo.

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Involuntary Expression – premier!

Involuntary Expression is my latest acousmatic composition realised in 6th-order 3D ambisonics.

Premier: 11th September 2017 (19.00). Ultima Festival. Marmorsalen, Sentralen, Oslo, using 3DA’s 24-channel loudspeaker array.


Involuntary Expression explores music that emerges from the micro-movements of hundreds of subjects. Micro-movements are the body’s small movements that we ourselves may feel, but for a viewer are undetectable. These movements are present in all we do, and can feel significant even though invisible. Likewise, when we watch a musician, we see the larger movements and how they connect to the sound we hear, yet the micro-movements, vital in the control of the sound, are known only to the musician herself. For more information: click here to access my main website

photos from setting up

EAU’s last electroacoustic concert for 2016: live electronics and acousmatic sound in the sonorous Sentralen Marmorsalen, Oslo.


10th December, 17.30-18.30.
Free entrance!

Works by Roxanne Turcotte, Natasha Barrett, Anders Vinjar, Anders Tveit, Daniele de Virgilio. Our guest performers for this concert are Karin Hellqvist (violin) and Heloisa Amaral (piano).

Roxanne Turcotte: Mères et monde (acousmatic, sound diffusion).
Natasha Barrett: Allure & Hoodwink (piano, violin, live electronics and 8-ch electroacoustic sound).
Anders Vinjar: Oppspent line (acousmatic, sound diffusion).
Daniele de Virgilio: Everything that shines (acousmatic, sound diffusion).
Anders Tveit: TBA.